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August 11, 2011 / mandalaymai

Dennis and Dee go on Welfare

This weekend was Lucille Ball’s 100th Birthday. A post on Facebook, to commemorate the occasion asked,”What was your favorite episode?” For the record, mine was the Vitameatavegimin one. “Are you un-poop-ular? Do you pop out at parties?” It was GOLD. I even scanned the DVR listings to see if it was going to be played, so I could keep it on my DVR. I never found it, but I did get the Harpo Marx one. There are shows that I loved, but for me, one or two episodes always stuck out as the cream of the crop. My DVR is stuffed with one or two episodes of great shows that I can watch again and again because for whatever reason they are THAT funny to me. So, now I am going to list a few of mine for you and I want you to tell me, in the Comments section, which episodes of which shows are like that for you – and why!

“High Holidays” – FRASIER

I liked Frasier and have seen most, if not all, of the episodes. But there are a handful that just stick out as so perfect, so funny, that I can watch them again and again and still love them. The one where Frasier and Niles go to a day spa and flip out because they feel that other clients are getting better treatment than they are. The one where Frasier and Niles buy blackmarket caviar and several others. But the BEST is “High Holidays.” It’s Christmastime and Frasier’s son is visiting, but the really entertaining part is that Niles decides that since he missed out on being a rebellious youth, he would get high on pot. His use of the drug lingo (that he looked up on the net) and the fact that his pot brownie gets switched with one his dad is eating and he only thinks he is high, whereas his dad is tripping like mad is just priceless. The way Frasier delivers the line, “Oh for God’s sake! You’re stoned of your ass!” to his dad makes me laugh. EVERY. TIME.

“Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare” – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This show goes fast in a crazy direction, but this episode stands apart for me as one of just the best and most absurd without being SO over the top. Dennis and Dee decide to quit work at Paddy’s Pub because their vanity assures them that they are meant for better things than this. Of course, as always, they fail to see how they need to actually DO anything to get what they want. Their narcissism convinces them that if the right person only recognized what they already know (i.e. they are AWESOME) then they would get HANDED what they want. It’s the exact attitude of entitlement that leads them to abuse the welfare system. Hilariously. They first go on unemployment, then decide that they need to go buy crack so they can be approved as drug addicts to be on welfare. The scene where they are sitting on the stoop, drunk at 11 in the morning, jamming to Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend” makes me laugh. But Dee putting on a pink bike helmet in the welfare office is what really gets me. “Later, boners.”

“Generalissimo” – 30 Rock

Now, I love ALL the eps of 30 Rock. It’s just so chock-full of one-liners and situations and hilarity, that you have to watch all of them, OK? You just do. But “Generalissimo” introduces the GORGEOUS Jon Hamm to the 30 Rock ‘verse. Plus it is the first appearance of the line “I want to go to there.” Add in Alec Baldwin playing the Generalissimo in a double role and Jack Donaghy trying to impress Salma Hayek’s Grandmother by rewriting a telenovella. It’s where 30 Rock really shines. I can watch it over and over. Plus I love the diabolical, yet sad and nerdy way Liz Lemon says, “and then I will put my mouth on his mouth!”

“Casino Night” – The Office

Everyone knows why this is awesome. When Jim stops Pam while she is turning him down and breaking his heart and he interrupts her and says, “Don’t do that. I want to be MORE than that,” it just so so good. Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski just KILL it. In a show that is all about things that are too real and too awkward but are viewed as funny, this was real and awkward, but SO brave and just awesome. I have to say, since I rewatched it recently, “Niagara, Part 2” is a close second. I do not care how cheesy and overdone that wedding procession to Chris Brown’s “Forever” is. The montage of that song and the look they hold with one another. Well, I don’t mind saying again now what I said then. “I want a Jim Halpert for myself.”

“Snake Juice” – Parks and Recreation

I mentioned this ep in my Parks and Rec post a couple of weeks ago, but the whole ep is still so funny to me. I have it on my DVR still and watch it all the time. It’s so hard to be drunk funny in the right way, but the drunkeness of Leslie Knope is an awesome thing. The fight that she and Ann have feels very accurate, as does the next day’s remorse. The angry dancing…the Douche’s pick up lines (“If you’re lookin for the Douche it’s on Aisle ‘ME”) Ron dancing in that hat and April and Andy’s role playing. It’s just chock full of awesome.

There are tons more, since there are TONS more shows I like and there are best eps or favorite eps for me of all of them. But, now it’s your turn. What show, what ep? And why?



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  1. ash / Aug 12 2011 4:51 am

    Thanks for posting these! I’ve seen some of tyem, but now I want to watch them all.

    One of my favorite “Frazier” episodes was “The Friend,” where Frazier and Roz are proud of themselves for making friends with Bob, a guy in a wheelchair, played by Griffin Dunne. But then he ends up making their lives miserable. There’s a classic scene where they are in the studio, quailing because they hear the squeak of Bob’s wheelchair and then see the little red ball on the top of his hat through the window. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.

  2. mandalaymai / Aug 12 2011 11:36 am

    Ash, I think I have seen part of that ep. I definitely remember the squeaking wheelchair thing. Like Jaws….I will check my DVR to see if it comes on soon.

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