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October 2, 2011 / mandalaymai

Here Comes Treble and other A Capella groups you should know

So, This is going to be a video-intensive blog.  Because some things have to be seen and not just talked about.  But, first you should know that I went to Vassar,  a small liberal arts college where there were LOTS of a capella groups and I was a geek and I loved watching them perform.  I remember at Vassar especially the Vassar Devils, which were awesome and not only because my awesome friend Eileen killed her rendition of ‘Walkin On Sunshine,’ and the Night Owls (in true Vassar tradition they were an all girls group and I still think of them when I hear ‘Bei Mir Bist du Schon’)  and Measure for Measure.  So, I was totally predisposed to loving a capella music.  Here Comes Treble was NOT at Vassar; ot was at Cornell and was fictional.  If you don’t watch ‘The Office’ that won’t make sense to you, but it made me laugh… 

Two years ago, I was thrilled at the holiday special ‘The Sing Off,’ a short five episode competition for a capella music.  Since it was a short run, it seemed to bypass all the filler and politics that seemed to accompany the bigger more well-known singing competitions.  Ben Folds, Shawn Stockman (Boys II Men) and Nicole Scherzinger were the judges who brought really good critique and constructive criticism to the process.  It really seemed like everyone was just thrilled to find a group of like minded individuals who enjoyed what they enjoyed.  The best critique of the show I have found is here at Television Without Pity.  It perfectly wncapsulates why I am so enamored of this show.  But, even more than any argument I could write out, I thought I would just show you some performances from past and present seasons that for one reason or another provoked an emotional response in me and made me think, “Man!  More folks should WATCH this.  THIS IS AWESOME!”  So, here it goes:

\’Grenade\’ performed by Delilah from this season’s premier.  These chicks are hard core!

Waving Flag performed by The Yellow Jackets from this season’s premier

One of my favorites from Season One form the evential winners Nota:

Nota performing \’Down\’

The Season One runner-up, the Beelzebubs performing ‘Come Sail Away’ by Styx.  Always makes me think of the line in Big Daddy, “Styx is an awesome band; they’re just underrated because people are cynical assholes.

The Season Two winners, Committed performing ‘This Love’ by Maroon 5.

And Season Two Runner-up, Street Corner Symphony (who I voted for, not gonna lie) performing ‘Creep’ and ‘Hey Soul Sister’


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