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October 18, 2011 / mandalaymai

2 Broke Laugh Tracks

You 2 Girls only get ONE. Choose wisely...

I know I am with most folks who complained ad nauseum about the
laugh track on 2 Broke Girls. But, on another site today, a comment from a
person who was…let’s just say not
a fan of 2 Broke Girls commented that they didn’t mind it. After all, there is
a laugh track on The Big Bang Theory and that doesn’t seem intrusive because
(and I am just imagining the snarky tone) Big Bang is actually funny. So, that
got me to thinking. Being a huge fan of Sheldon and the Shel-bots, I had to admit
to myself that I really don’t mind the laugh track on the Big Bang Theory
either. In fact, we might as well acknowledge that CBS ain’t gonna ever let
that go….a pretty sizeable chunk of their demographic would be lost without
it. How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, they all have it. I think Two
and a Half Men has a live audience, but How I Met Your Mother isn’t.

But I do find the laugh track obtrusive on 2 Broke Girls. So, why
this show and not the others? I think the reason comes down to my real
complaint with the show…the supporting cast of characters. First of all,
there are three (or four, if you count Kat’s other boss, the Manhattan
Socialite with twins named Brad and Angelina) and each is separate from the
others, despite a common setting (the diner). They trot each one out in turn to
interact with one of the leads and then they go back into the background. There
is Oleg, the Russian short order cook. He is the one I would be happiest to see
go. He has one ‘joke’ and it’s not funny. Like, at all. There is Earl, the
cashier. He is the most ‘blah.’ I don’t much care if he’s there or not. Han,
the diner owner, is the one I like the best, even though he is portrayed as the
most William Hung stereotype of Asian ever. He is at least cute and a little
endearing. These characters are more caricatures and their “jokes”
fall so flat that the laugh track that accompanies them really feels jarring by

By contrast, while The Big Bang centers around Sheldon, Leonard
and Penny, the supporting cast has always fit in seamlessly, while adding
layers and dimension to the show. If you’re a fan of The Big Bang, you know
that each of these supporting characters has come into their own in a way that
shines. Howard and his mother, Raj and his parents and sister…the addition of
Bernadette and Amy Farrah-Fowler have rounded out this cast so that it’s clear
that The Big Bang has a lot of depth on the bench. And that doesn’t even take
into account the great recurring characters like Kripke (with the speech
impediment where he cannot pronounce ‘R’s’), Stewart, the comic book store
owner and Wil Wheaton who is always good for a couple of episodes per season.

2 Broke Girls really needs to get some depth of their own otherwise
the two leads, Caroline and Max, will quickly run out of steam. I feel like
they should pick one of the existing three and move on. If I were to judge by
last’s night’s episode, it seems that the powers that be are kind of coming to
the same conclusion. While the A plot revolved around the Girls and their latest
money making attempt (throwing a 90’s theme party), the B plot revolved around
Han and his attempt to hook up with a willing girl. It was fairly predictable
and one-dimensional, but Matthew Moy is kind of adorable and he made it work.

Also? They totally need to bring Brad and Angelina’s mom back. She
was vapid, but funny in her self absorption.


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