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November 10, 2011 / mandalaymai

Television Dreaming on a Jury Duty Day

I am playing the totally fun game of sitting here waiting in a Jury Assembly Room of the courthouse on Day One ( and hopefully Day Last also) of my jury duty. I like to be a good citizen, but these folks need to hurry up and let me decide something or let me go home! Instead, I have exhausted both Facebook and Pinterest and am halfway through the latest Nikki Heat book by Richard Castle. And that put in mind to anticipate tonight television agenda…

Many hours later…

Welcome, Annie!

It’s no longer Day One.  See, I suffered through Day Two and sweated Day Three at work while fearing a possible Day Four.  Thankfully, I got a reprieve and so, today, I am going to tell my loyal readers (all three of you), what to Watch ahead of time, so you can truly Watch With Mai (disclaimer: this statement does not account for DVRs and also time zones.  Also, you can’t come to my house.  My mom doesn’t let me have visitors on a school night.) 

Parks and Recreation: (8:30, NBC) Leslie gets the gang to help her put on a Model U.N.

I have no idea how this would fall under the purview of the Parks Department of Pawnee.  It seems more like a Dept. of Education thing.  Model U.N.s don’t take place in parks and it’s only a small subset of kids (usually ones hanging by their underpants from flagpoles) who consider Model U.N.s ‘recreation.’  But, I am psyched nonetheless.  Anything with committees, meetings, Rules of Order and Leslie Knope mentoring to the youth of Pawnee is gold.  I find myself curious to see how April and Andy mess it up (or be idiot-savant style brilliant regarding world issues) and Ron Swanson at a model U.N?  Just those words in the same sentence are funny. 

The Big Bang Theory: (8:00, CBS) Leonard and Penny spend time alone together.

It’s a vague description, but there are lots of implications no matter which side of the Penny-Leonard relationship you are on.  I like them together, though I am not a ‘shipper, in the sense that I think the show isn’t good without that situation.  I hope that whatever they do it’s funny and not a perfunctory plot point they had to address once Leonard (presumably) broke up with Priya after she cheated on him.  I most like Sheldon and Penny scenes, so I always hope for those, too.  In any case, this show is a must watch in-real-time for me.

Community: (8:00, NBC – for me on DVR): The gang helps Annie move in with Troy and Abed

Community has been hit and miss lately.  Too many gimmicky episodes like the Troy and Abed party which split into multiverses, and Brita’s psych evaluations were just so-so for me.  I like the idea of this episode though, and the possibilities that are likely to come from Annie living with the boys.  Remember when she was highschool crushing HARD on Troy?  I like the idea of reviving that, even if only to give Jeff Winger a run for his money…

The Office: (9:00, NBC): Pam wants Jim to admit that he thinks her work replacement is pretty.

This description sounds kind of silly, but I am eager to have Jim and Pam do something front and center this season.  Also, I’m a girl, so I love how Jim usually always manages to save the day, Pam-wise and be super sweet and romantic.  Watching him mess this up will be fun, too.  Especially since Dwight is going to be in on the action.

So, that’s my plan for tonight, y’all.  After Jeopardy, that is….

Watch With Me, won’t you?  Happy viewing!


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