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November 23, 2011 / mandalaymai

BESIDES Thanksgiving specials and Football?

I’m going to be honest, there really isn’t much this week.  Television on Thanksgiving week is always a mix of holiday-themed special episodes and football, with the occasional rerun that airs just to throw you off and make you have to talk to your relatives.  And i usually have a hard time getting anyone to change the channel from football.

But, last year I made a special DVD set for myself and that is my favorite thing to watch at this time of year.  I used my Friends Box Set and Will and Grace Box Set and my Frasier Box set to make my Holiday Compilation discs – special collections of all the Thanksgiving and Christmas-themed episodes of all those shows. 

It’s wonderful because you get in the holiday spirit while reliving these classic moments:

Joey gets his head stuck in the turkey:

Will, Grace, Karen and Jack spend Christmas at the Plaza:

Frasier’s dad accidentally eats a pot brownie:

The Big Bang Theory where Penny gifts Sheldon with Leonard Nimoy’s DNA, prompting him to excessive gratitude:

No doubt everyone has their own favorite Holiday special or holiday episode.  I say this is the time to watch that.  Unless you are actually into football…


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