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December 1, 2011 / mandalaymai

An Oasis in the Desert

I have had precious little to report this past week as NONE of my favorite shows are new.  I was actually caught unawares by this.  I sat down all ready for a (finally) juicy How I Met Your Mother in the wake of last week’s Thanksgiving cliffhanger, but alas!  It was a repeat.  EVERYTHING this week has been a repeat except for the awesome Sing Off finale.

Yesterday, though, my sister informed me that my favorite of favorites, Parks and Recreation, was not only NEW this week, but … and now hold on to your hats, people… actually stars the lovely and talented Tina Fey!  What?  I thought to myself that this was my reward for suffering through a boring TV week.  The best SNL gal pals ever!  The Baby Mama team!  Back in the hiz-ouse!  I have desperately been missing Tina Fey since NBC delayed the start of 30 Rock so Tina could once again be a real Baby Mama.  But, I have Googled and Googled and can find no evidence of this.

You know what?  I actually don’t care, because what I did learn was that Parks and Rec is NEW tomorrow anyway.  “The Trial of Leslie Knope” is what I will be watching and since I was MORE than pleased with the turn of events in the last episode when Ben and Leslie threw caution, their jobs and her campaign to the wind and declared that they would ‘out’ their relationship to their boss, Chris.  I have been dying to know what what lies in store for those two lovebirds!  I hope it will be as funny as it is touching, and needless to say, THIS is what I will be watching Thursday night.

Not only that, but the whole NBC lineup is new this week, making it  a true entertainment oasis in a vast desert of TV repeats.  Stay on for the brand new Community (Big Bang is a repeat, so let’s give the Community gang a shot?) and a new Office that promises Robert California’s wife.  Can’t wait to see those!

On a final note:  it would have been SUPER great if the networks would have let Thanksgiving have it’s due, rather than shoving Christmas down our throats early and instead used this totally appropriate week of nothing TV to let go with Rudolph, Charlie Brown, George Bailey, Buddy the Elf and the Grinch with wild abandon.  Sigh!  Why isn’t it ME that runs things?



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  1. Courtney / Dec 1 2011 4:13 pm

    at least you run things at MK, Mai 🙂

    • mandalaymai / Dec 1 2011 5:43 pm

      Thanks, Courtney! I try….

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