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December 5, 2011 / mandalaymai

It’s finally time to watch in REAL TIME

Last week I posted about the one new night of TV that I was gonna get.  And Parks and Rec did NOT disappoint, though it was more touching than funny.  I finally found a man who could challenge my devotion to Jim Halpert in one Mr. Ben Wyatt.  But, this week, I am finally going to get what I wanted last week.  I was terribly disappointed that How I Met Your Mother was a repeat last week because for the first time in a long time I really don’t know what is going to happen and cannot wait to find out.


Even though the previews for this episode have been teasing the big news, I thought it was prudent to tag the Spoiler Alert, because apparently Robin is pregnant and we don’t know if Kal Penn’s character or Barney is the baby daddy.  Both of these possibilities are intriguing and I am curious to see not only how it plays out between the potential parents, but also among the gang in general.  So, this is what I plan to watch in REAL TIME tomorrow.

Additionally, 2 Broke Girls is new.  While it has fallen off in quality, I think I will still give it a go tomorrow.  Finally, even though the competition is over, The Sing Off is back for one night of Christmas Musical Merriment.  While I usually eschew Christmas specials lilke this, I will go ahead and Tivo this, as these are actually talented musicians and the quality of music will be good.  Fingers crossed that the whole affair will be less cheesy than most specials.


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