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January 12, 2012 / mandalaymai

The Finder premiers tonight!

You know, people made fun of me for needing two DVRs.  They said, “Mai, you watch too much television.”  Well, that may be true, but it’s nights like these that are the reason.  I mean, of course I am watching The Big Bang Theory – it’s an Amy and Sheldon-centric ep and those are my favorites!  Additionally, 30 Rock premiers tonight, THANK GOD.  I mean, totes happy for Tina Fey and her baby, Alec Baldwin is always better with other people’s words coming out of his mouth, yadda, yadda, yadda, but I needed me some Donaghy with a Lemon twist, know what I mean?  I am also ready for Parks and Rec and the Office.  It’s the only hour in  the week I get to see both my TV boyfriends: Ben Wyatt and Jim Halpert. 

So, if this were a regular Thursday, I would already be psyched and my DVR would runneth over with NBC and CBS goodies.  BUT, tonight there is another premier I have really been looking forward to.  Last season, Bones did a backdoor pilot of a spinoff based on The Locator series of novels by Richard Greener.  I liked the pilot, and the character of Walter (who they call “The Finder” rather than “The Locator.”)  He is a brain damamged war veteran who has the ability to find anything that is lost.  Geoff Stulz’s Walter has a twitchy energy that pushes things forward and he is an interesting character I want to get to know.  I also really liked the sidekicks, played by Michael Clarke Duncan and Saffron Burrows. 

I even read both the Locator books after seeing the backdoor pilot episode.  You know, to sustain me until tonight.  They are really entertaining and I recommend them.  They kept the core concept the same, the guy with the Finding mojo…but the changes they made from the book to the show were good ones.  Walter is younger and more paranoid in the show and it makes for interesting onscreen dynamics.   In the books Walter was a Vietnam vet; in this he is a Gulf War Vet – also to make him younger.  The sidekicks are more involved in the main plot, and exist as real parts of Walter’s life, with knowledge and insight into his condition, rather than a viewer’s gallery who question Walter and speculate about him, along with the reader. 

I don’t know how the show will work out in the longer run.  They have already replaced Saffron Burrows’ character with two other female leads.  That kind of bums me out, because I like what she did with the character of Ike.  Over the top accent and malapropisms notwithstanding. 

Anyway, I thank heaven that I do have two DVRs so I won’t miss any of the action.   Plus one of them is right in front of my treadmill, so….New Year’s Resolution, right?  There’s no doubt watching a good show keeps me running longer.

Happy Thursday to you, fellow viewers.

P.S.  This second picture has nothing to do with TV.  It’s my new puppy Phoebe.  She is watching PBS right now, though.  In case y’all wanted to know.


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